Synergy Scouting App


Synergy is a data tracking platform used primarily for scouting purposes in collegiate basketball. We created this app to enable coaches to scout opponent teams with a filterable subset of games. Coaches can choose a team to scout, select similar caliper opponents that the scouted team has played, and then view a comprehensive breakdown of that team’s strengths and weaknesses through a breakdown play types. The data is displayed in a standard tabular format with complementary data visualizations to drive insights.


Date: April 2021
Team: Sejal Dua, Sook-Hee Evans, Noah Zhang
Related: #SportsAnalytics #Basketball #DataEngineering #Visualization
Language(s): Python, HTML
Tools & Technologies: Streamlit


Synergy is an app used for collegiate basketball scouting. Its current bottlenecks include poor organization, poor usability, and lack of practicality in the context of DIII scouting. Most notably, user-facing data tends to be heavily skewed towards landslide games against out-of-conference opponents, rendering insights unactionable.